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“With only 60+ students we always tried to stay organized, and we actually managed.  But there were always those annoying glitches and tedious workarounds.  Now that we’ve been using School EdTech, we have become even more organized and efficient than we ever imagined.  It’s a pleasure to work with the system!”

M.B. Kahane



  Get started in a snap.
  Easy to learn and use.
  Clean and modern design.


  Speeds up day-to-day tasks.
  Streamline tasks across staff.
  Insightful analytics and reports.


  One location for all your data.
  Your entire staff can access it.
  Access from tablet, phone or PC.

Our school management software has been helping schools become more productive, organized and streamlined.

One centralized and organized system.

No more scattered files and tasks in emails and computer folders.  Having one centralized place for everything will make your job faster, easier, and even fun.  Your data is secure online, and accessible from wherever you are.

See the big picture and make better decisions.

With built-in and custom reports you can quickly and easily analyze your school’s academic and financial progress in helping you make important decisions.

Get everyone on board to keep your data updated.

Create users with limited access to what they need to see.  Staff and teachers can enter data from wherever they are, keeping the system updated at all times.

Get more cooperation from everyone.

With a proper online school system in place, employee accountability and contributions increase, and can be tracked by upper management.

Functionality to make your staff more efficient.

Built in time saving features for day to day tasks, including communication and sharing tools, to increase productivity and accuracy.

Functionality to promote student success.

Insights to behavioral and academic patterns can help you resolve issues before they escalate.  Insights to student tuition payments and collections helps you minimize debt.

Everything you need, in an intuitive and easy to use solution.

Book a free demo today, to learn how you can start managing your school better, easier, and with less overhead, and no additional programming costs, ever!

What schools are saying:

thumb_02_60_60Mr. Joshua

Office Manager

Our biggest concern with switching to another system is the migration and new setup.  We were very nervous about everything that could go wrong.  To our delight, the support from School EdTech was very professional and friendly.   The switch over was easier than I expected!

thumb_03_60_60 S. Norman

School Monitor

It wasn't easy to convince upper management to switch systems, as we were already heavily invested in our current system.  We decided to give it a 6-month trial, while also maintaining our current system.  After only 2 months, they were so pleased with the results, we switched over completely!