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Our school management software has been helping schools better manage every aspect of their operations.  Accessible from any device, teachers and adminstrators can track and manage their day to day tasks from anywhere.  An all in one solution for your school.

Why use School EdTech?

IT’S Easy

No technical knowledge needed

  Easy & fun to use
  Anyone can learn to use it
  Ongoing support


Conquer and accomplish

  Instant live feedback
  Streamline tasks
  Time saving features


One place for everything

  Easy collaboration
  Cloud based
  All features included

What schools are saying:

thumb_04_60_60M.B. Kahane


With only 80 students we always tried to stay organized, and we actually managed.  But there were always those annyoing glitches and tedious work arounds.  Now that we’ve been using School EdTech, we have become even more organized, and efficient than we imagined.  And it’s a pleasure to work with the system!

thumb_02_60_60Mrs. Farkas

Office Manager

Our biggest concern with switching to another system is the migration and new setup.  We were very nervous about everything that could go wrong.  To our delight, the support from School EdTech was very professional and friendly.   The switch over was easier than I expected!

thumb_03_60_60 S. Norman

School Monitor

It wasn’t easy to convince upper management to switch systems, as we were already heavily invested in our current system.  We decided to give it a 6 month trial, while also maintaing our current system.  After only 2 months, they were so pleased with the results, we switched over completely!

What are some of the benefits of using our school management system?


Challenge Students.

  Share valuable student educational details with Students and Parents.
  Enable them to take a proactive role of their success.

happy two young students with note books and backpacks smiling and showing thumb up

aLive Attendance

School Safety.

  Get live data on where your students are at any time.
  Maintain a high level of school safety.

many Data Policy

Meet Regulation Requirements.

  Are you meeting privacy policy standards?
  Reduce policy breaches by using a cloud solution.



Support & Service

Easy Migration.

 We’ll walk you thru every step of the way.
 Our support team are just a phone call away.

Everything you need, in one system.

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