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Empower your teachers to be the best educators they can be with Education Technology like School EdTech.


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Share class materials online.

Teachers can share class materials, allowing students and parents to stay informed to what’s expected of them in order to succeed.

Tracking student attendance and behavior.

Taken by teachers or staff members, the system is kept updated and provides live data to administrators and parents, ensuring proper monitoring of student progress.

Get students, parents and teachers on the same page.

Share calendars with students and parents, allowing them to see the schedule of classes, and upcoming events like trips, midterms, PTA and other events.

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Homework, tests and assignments.

Control the grade structure for each class by setting the weights of homework, tests, and assignments.  Teachers can then log grades at their convenience.

Promote success with awards and certificates.

Increase student success with awards and certificates which you can customize, print and email to students and parents throughout the year.

Everything you need, in an intuitive and easy to use solution.

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What schools are saying:

thumb_02_60_60Mr. Joshua

Office Manager

Our biggest concern with switching to another system is the migration and new setup.  We were very nervous about everything that could go wrong.  To our delight, the support from School EdTech was very professional and friendly.   The switch over was easier than I expected!

thumb_03_60_60 S. Norman

School Monitor

It wasn't easy to convince upper management to switch systems, as we were already heavily invested in our current system.  We decided to give it a 6-month trial, while also maintaining our current system.  After only 2 months, they were so pleased with the results, we switched over completely!