How to Promote School Safety

How can a school management system help promote safety in schools?

When schools use a centralized and organized school management system to track students attendance, it increases teachers accountability for knowing where students are at any time.

When teachers take attendance in the classroom thru an online attendance or management school system, it usually means that the information is being updated instantly into the system.

Administrators can then monitor the attendance of students, and drill down on unexcused absences to further investigate the reason for the missing student.

Imagine the responsibility of caring for our many students, just being aware of what’s happening can sometime mean the difference between life and death. Response time to emergency situations can be drastically reduced the sooner the issue is discovered.

Parents and guardians can also take an important role in promoting school safety and child safety, by logging into the parent portal, and seeing their child’s attendance status, and ascertaining that the child is in school.